So back to the discussion or monolog it actually is, about some of the limitations we have today and the actual impact it has.

The easiest to make a point of is the difference in todays touring Modified and Stock racing.

Modified (in my opinion) should be for the ones who can handle it, who are already can handle a stock car without problems and who needs a new challange to further improve there skills. 

It also is for the best of the best, creme de la creme of the touring scene. 

However this is not always the case because there will always be very good drivers who does not have the time, knowledge or talent to make it into the A main in Modified classes and instead stay in Stock classes because they are fast enough to compete in the top. However by doing this the Stock class get over competitive.

And in stock classes, where there are limitiations = more rules, there will always be more ways to gain advantages.

Either in cheating or the allowed way, over optimizing.

over optimizing is what I call when one needs motor testers to check different motors to see which one has the best value, hence buying more motors and selecting the best to gain that small small advantage, which is stock most of the time makes no difference, but people thinks so, so they put the money in.

This then again slowly kills Stock as the drivers who are young and upcoming dont see the possibility to actually being able to compete with Stock “proffesionals”. 

To solve this, ETS has made a nother solution.

Not only using Blinky mode speedos, or motor turn limits, but “handout” or only one allowed type of speedos and Handout motors. Many other race series also use handout motors in stock racing classes now adays.  However then the other issue starts. People being to slow and blaming the motor. So then the problem again starts. Motor testers, testing different motors “from the handout once” and for the last event all motors where pre tested from the organization, to make sure that the production variations there always are in mass production would not be to far off each other. 

Next step when you cant do anything more with the motors is that you go to the power source. The LiPo batteries. New batteries for every race which is important.

From my team drivers, my stock drivers use more batteries then my modified drivers per year. 3-4 time more. 

So this is as you easy can see and follow, more rules and limitations, not always but many times brings the cost up, when the racing class normally should be for those who are getting started in our great hobby and or are slowly trying to improve and get better. 

Modified is easy. If you have a normal amout of races. 2 motors 1 speedo and 4 batteries are good for 1 season. 

Stock….is not and that is wrong but hey thats how we people work. 

I dont have a solution and never said that I had one. I also think that the best solution currently available is Blinky mode and “one brand motor” 

Maybe the step from stock to modified is just to big today. Stock over grip and under powered switch to modified where its almost over under grip and over powered. Having a smaller step might make it easier for some of the stock drivers to make the step into Modified racing.

On a side note. I have visited many Nitro races again latety ( for you guys who doesnt know but i drove Nitro cars for almost 15 years as well) and I came to think about a strange and kind of discriminating rule which is sometimes used from bigger RC governing associations.

I have heard and know of (ROAR for eg) who has put price limits on electric motors (that sounds like communism) but for Nitro engines I have never heard of any price limits even if the Nitro engines are more expensive has less runtime life still there are more people complaining about brushless motor prices….I dont get that but hey, there are many things which I dont get 😀

I have had many people asking for my oppinion about various things but lately alot about the questions has been about rules and limitations in RC.

Without a fixed set of rules, we would not be able to race and have a winner. Some of the rules we have today are so common that we forget that these are rules. Some rules are easy to understand some others not so easy.

My personal oppinoin is that there should be as little rules as possible. I am not saying no rules, I am just saying as little as possible. Maybe that is a book full of them or 1 A4 sized writeup.

Why do I want as few rules as possible. Well its just easier. For every rule written we need to have a easy and good way to being able to control that the rule is followed. Hence the more rules the more controlling additionally the more rules the more interpetations of the rules are also possible.

One example from the European Championship in 1/10 touring in Portugal 2 years ago. I was team manager for about 7 countries and some drivers especially 1 driver who had gotten 10 sec addition to his qualifying time, before he even crossed the timing loop. 

How is this possible? Well in the EFRA rule book, there is one sentence stating, that if you cross the starting line before the start is amended you will get a 10 second penalty onto the finishing time. However what the referee could or did not want to understand is that this rule should only apply for finals, where it makes sense. Of course in a final, where all start at the same time on the tone or when the flag is pulled, you make an early start and should get a penalty. This is for example for me a good rule. You should not make to early starts as you would get an advantage.

However this driver got it in a qualifying round. All cars where lined up behind a line, which in it self was 5 meters behind the timing loop. He got a fly in his face, tried to wipe it away and rolled over the white line with 30 cm, stopped and after that continued when his number was called. and got 10 sec penalty….. I tried to talk to the referee but he would not listen and he said that he was right with his call.

This is one of the problem with rules, interpretation and following them correctly. It is not an easy task I admit but sometimes common sense should be implementated instead. Early start in a final, common sense, get a penalty, early start, or actually not even a start, just standing slightly of the intended starting position and no advantage at all has been achieved, well then no penalty should be needed. As I wrote above I want as little as possible of rules however I do think that if there are rules, they need to be followed extremely strictly and correctly. Because if there are not, then well there is no point in following the other rules as well

Another thing with rules are, the more rules, the more loop holes or benefits there are to gain by braking the rules. Easy calculation. If you have Zero rules, you cant cheat, its impossible, with alot of rules more opportunity arises. Rules also needs to be overlooked and updated. Technology moves forward but many times the rules stand still. Transmitter impound is still in the EFRA rule book but today there is no reason for it hence it should be taken away. Why have rules that not makes any sense anymore?

Besideds, if we are going to get more RC drivers into this hobby the easier the better for the hobby in a whole. To many rules just makes it over complicated and difficult for no real reason.

As I told you some time ago in my blogg was that I had gotten a 6 months contract with a transport company where I would be on the road more or less contanstly. As I had nothing end of last year this was a perfect and welcomed solution and I was looking forward to it.

I wanted to get away from where I was anyway as manytime staying at one place when things are not going good is a good way to get some distance to all and let one being able to think around things differently.

January and February I was working, but mainly in Germany.

It was only end of February where I would leave my home for 4 months straight and travel and work all over. I started out with 2 months in China with 1 day visit in HongKong due to visum rules.

In China I visited 3 cities 1 week each and then I was in the outskirts of Shanghai for 5 weeks at 5 different locations. The work which I was doing was not really difficult, however being the person in charge you still always need to make sure that everything works and make sure that all customers are happy at all times. So making sure that all was taken care of properly and functioning without hassle was essential.

I was abit lucky during the visit with timing as AOC race series was hosted in Shanghai when I was there so I obvioulsy went to the event and meet up with some surprised friends. American, Canadian, HongKong, Singaporean and made new RC friends from China. The race held high class and it was great to be with people I knew and who also spoke english after being on my own for along time. The personal highlight was the Sunday F1 race which was also held in Shanghai where most of the rc racers whent with Rick Wang *JJ Wangs dad, arranged bus and took care of us. Unfrotunatley the bus ride was not so good for me as we had a party Saturday night in Shanghai downtown and I was on a great party mode finally partying with friends again. So I paid the price on Sunday. Nevertheless when the start went at the race and sitting on the grandstand watching it. I love F1, even if its slightly boring nowadays, but until this point never seen a race live until this day so I was definetly very happy about it.

The week afterwards my brother was actually also in Shanghai working so during the weekend when I was off work anyway I went to visit him and helped him out at his job and was nice to speak Swedish again aswell.

After China it turned out that I misscalculated with half a day, luckily as I would be at home for about 10 hours before leaving. The timing was perfekt though as I arrived the same evening as the handball club I am a member off had its season ending party. So I got home after a 16 hour trip, showered and went to the party until I was to tired to continue. 

The day after I got the company car I would use on the remainig 2 months off work. I left at noon and had 750km drive to Austria where I would stay 2 weeks. Again, luck was with me as the weekend when i was in Austria, ETS was there as well, so I could join and be with my team drivers and meet up with many RC friends and have a weekend again not alone.

I continued thru Slowakia, Hungary and Checz Republik for the next weeks and worked as normal and I came to realize that there was the EOS Final at the Hudy Arena when I was in Slowakia so I went there on 4WD Final days seeing Martin Bayer taking the first big ORCA victory in Off road racing. 

The last week of duties I was in Passau AND guess what… it turned out the be an ENS in west of Austria, only 43 km from the hotel I was staying at. So of course I went there and enjoyed a nitro race as well.

Now reading it my self it sounds like I was only at races, but its far from the truth. I was just very lucky that there where races, world class races, very close to where I was working. Was funny to see Scotties eyes all times when I showed up at a race wihtout him expecting it. 

I made my travel expenses yesterday and I have some interesting numbers 

During the last 4 months I 

Traveled with a Taxi 56 times

Traveled by train 4 times

Traveled/Drove by car 7853km

Flew in Airplan 8 times

Stayed at 23 hotels

Had the worst hangover since 5 years or so……. 

I did however also have alot of free time evenings and weekends. I brought my work laptop with me and worked alot alot alot on planing the future for AME. As I have already written AME Race Series, AME RC Acadamy will be starting in October when the indoor season starts in Germany.

T Shox V2 has gotten some small improvements and I have finished AME Gear Diff drawings as well. 

The main time I have spent on Project Iris though. This is my biggest project ever and I have put all my knowledge and experience which I collected during my racing career in it. I hope that I will be able to give you some more information soon. It will be a make or break for me if I will be able to stay working within the RC industry or not. There is still a big hurlde to over come but I am confident that I can do it with all the people who already supports me, without even seeing 1 single part and the few people who has seen it likes it. In 7 days I will fly to Taiwan to meet with manufacturers and I hope that all goes as planned. Will also meet with ORCA and further strengthen our already strong and great relationship. So only home for approx 2 weeks and then off to Asia again. This time competely AME business only.

Take care friends

People dont see the struggle the hard work behind projects.

The constant thoughts that it will not work out, the doubts and the fear of failure. Especially when one already failed and really have all to loose. I did however hear in a song, that if you have nothing, you have nothing to loose. Not completetly true, but still it does have alot of truth.

Iris is now 100% prototyp ready. CAD  drawings are finished. All parts are not only thought thru once or two time but to many time. If I had the economy or if all went according to plan last year with Singapore and Creation Model then this would probalby be the 2:nd or 3:rd version. Nevertheless the car is thought thru. Every single part. Nothing is made just without thought.

I will fly to Taiwan in a couple of weeks and meet with different manufacturers to check production, quality and to make sure that it will be the way I imagine it to be.

I will as soon as possible after my Taiwan trip start to give you some small uptades and not soon afterward I will realease the complete project.

The very few people I have shown, they are all very excited and believe in the innovations and the eplanations for each and every part. Some are stunned. 

I hope to get alot of support and people beleiving in me and my project.

Without all of you, it wont be possible. Thank you all for your support


I thought about if I was going to write something about this or not.

Posting your opinion in the internet today seems to be risky business and is from a company point of view very seldom a smart idea. However to just sit queit and not say anyhting being scared of the reaction and the risk that other people might not like what you write, I dont like that either. However looking into the past it seems like we should use the freedom of speech which we nowadays enjoy and our ansisters would have and many have died for.

I do believe however that if you do critisice people, races, brands one also needs to have an open mind also for the positiv things otherwise it becomes very biased and irrelevent at the end.

I have some times critiziced ETS. Luxemburg race last year when the additive and tyre warmer impund was introduces, I thought it was a bad idea, not thought thru and made for the wrong reasons. I said so at the race but I was only complaining, then I posted it on Facebook and half hell break loose. However as I knew it would not work and it was only done 1 qualifying round and not seen after that at the ETS again, so far.

This post however, is going to praise the ETS – EOS – ENS organization and people behind it.

What Uwe, RedRC, Scotty, Hartmut and the other people behind these race series has created is in RC history unheard of. It is also a sore proof of the poor job and defeat of EFRA, that if you do not think that racing is what it can be and noone will listen to you, then you can do it yourself and with hard work, knowledge, dedication and trying to do the best possible, you can achieve something great.

8 years ago when ETS was launched not much attention was made.  Of course a race or race series victory is only as important as the drivers thinks it is. Offroad worlds in South Africa some years ago is a nother soor proof of that.

The organization made a smart move though, making sure that the TRF team of Marc, Viktor and Jilles attended. Of course they won everything in the beginning and eventually other drivers thought that it could be a great practice race for other “more” important races. So after some year the A-main at ETS was as packed with starts as a Euros or even a Worlds. 

With the best race coverage provided by RedRC, best race commentator and the best drivers well its the succes which we can all enjoy today.

Nowadays we have EOS as well as ENS and even if they are not the size or importance of the ETS yet, they definetly are getting there.

It is very easy to bash on the organizers of these events when something is not as perfect as one would like and sometimes its very important to do as this is one way to improve and keep the level of races up. However many dont see the work that goes on behind the scenes and the effort which is put down to keep improving.

EOS Final I think is a great example.

Last year it was not perfekt. The carpet which was used was not very good. It broke to easy, the grip level was to low so you needed to use new sets of tires as much as possible as they where just alot faster making it to expensive for many/most drivers. So of course many complained and rightly so. 

So most organizators would say, well its your decision if you want to join the race or not so shut up…However what they did, was to listed and take action and also take the COST to improve. I again went to the EOS Final at the Hudy arena this year. New carpet. Thicker so it did not break. Better grip (well now some complained that it was to high what ever they do…) Honestly the track was second to noone. The best off road carpet track I have ever seen. Yes I am an On-road guy mainly but seen enough carpet off road tracks to think that I am fairly correct.

I know what the carpet costed. It was not cheap. Then people say..weeeelll they make so much money on the racing series anyway so its nothing for them. Well, I am of the opinion that they should make money and hopefully good money otherwise why should they put in sooo much effort otherwise. 

They are thinking and plannig on having the same carpet used at all EOS races next year, which also puts them into a logistical problem and warehouse problem. Stocking and shipping 3.5toons of carpet, is not a cheap task.
So when you critize next time, please do so. I still will when I feel that there is a need for it. However please try to see both sides of the coin and also give positive feedback official and inofficial when due. They work very hard trying there best. Keep it up guys! 

Many years ago, there where some race drivers who asked me at a race where I help them with setup and racing line, if I would not mind coming to his hometrack once and helping him a complete day. He would pay my trip and food and also something for the effort. He told me that he had probably learned more about racing line and setup during our short encounter at that race then the complete last year. I was very humbled about what he said and said yes I would like to try this out. I like helping people and alwyas tried my best to do that.

I went to his hometrack some week later and did my best to help him the best way possible. He told me that he feel asleep faster then normal when he got back home as he was mentally finished from the hard concetration thru out the day. I think I pushed him a little to much. But he was happy and we went on doing this some more time before I moved down to Germany.

Why do I tell you this, well for 2 reasons. 

I have been thinking for a long time on how to improve RC and make sure that as many as possible has a good time. I always try to help anyone who want help at RC races I attend. If its with ORCA speedo setting, tire treatment, setups etc. However it is always under a very short time limit.

With my team drivers I of course have the possibility to do more. With the team I currently have I try to help and inspire them to have fun and get better at what they are doing.

Two very good expample are my two best drivers which I helped and choached thru most or big part of there carrers.

Viktor Wilck / multi time A main finalist at every major race, was with me and my brother from very early on as he lived just 5 min from my house. We went to races, practices and drove the same cars and electronics for many many years. Bascially until 2006 when I left Sweden during the Summer, just after Viktor made his first Worlds A Main in Italy.

Alexander Hagberg is the second one, which most of you could have guessed. Also Alex has been in every Major A Main there is, and additionally until now won 2 European Championships and 1 World Championship. 

I am still very good friends with both, however with Alexander, I still stand in contact on a weekly and almost daily basis. I get updates from races and practice sessions so that we can make decisions on how to move forward with setup, tire strategy and other things that might pop up. Of course nowadays I do very very little, but sometimes at races I can see that he is driving slightly the wrong line or there might be minor things to improve. Today minor things. Some years ago bigger things.

Even Formula 1 drivers (the 1:1 scale ones), who went thru intensive training schools and been racing for there entire life (except Maldonado probalby) still have people helping them with there driving. So why should RC drivers not have it.

I believe that more people will enjoy, have more fun, doing the hobby we love if they know more of what they are actually doing. Instead of guessing. On top of that, it is always easier to move forward and improve when you have a better basis of knowlegde behind you.
I am not saying I am the best at this. But I do know that I know alot about RC and I truly belive that I can bring some of this knowledge I have collected during my 30 years of RC to young and old RC drivers out there.

I have done this once in Germany on a low scale already at my now adays carpet hometrack of C/Hub racing. We all had a lot of fun and especially during the “perfect line” practice drivers more understood what to do, even if not so many mastered it directly.

I will start only with RC Clubs, offering a complete day package of practice, setups driving line and also extremely important as well with mental practice. I think that doing it at RC Clubs is the best way as it will bring more people forward at the same time and on a track they are familiar with.

More information will be on my new homepage when it is ready. Until then you can also contact me under or on my Facebook. 

As always, take care and have fun racing!

Now I am going to sound like a grampa. Everything was better back in the days….Well we all know thats not true, however many things where not bad back in the days.

New technoligies and further development brings us all forward however sometimes I think we forget the essence of RC racing. Which is having fun.

I am probably one of the biggest supporters of ETS. I am fairly convinced that ETS saved Touring car racing. However the back side of a race series like this is that to many get to serious. For some its the way it should be, for others its to much. I think this is one of the reasons why F1 has grown so fast as its not as serious as the Touring Mod and also the Touring Stock class. What I also have noticed is that many other racing series takes the ETS rules almost 1:1, because its a good way for drivers to practice for ETS. However again this puts many in a to serious position and also does not enjoy the race they are actually doing as its “only” practice.

Dont get me wrong, I do support ETS and will contiue to do so, going to races as often as I personally can and always bring as many of my team drivers to these events as well. 

I have been thinking for a longer time though, what can be done to improve racing and ultimately get more people to get involded with what we all love and also make sure that the ones we have doesnt leave.

It is of course an impossible task, but one can at least try their best. Nothing is perfect but if the will is there there is always a way to bring things forward.

When I go back into my racing career and try remeber some of the races I really enjoyed I have the reaces with great results of course but also races where the result was not so good but the track, organization and atmosphere was good as well. I have been racing many RC classes and for a long time. 

Something which hit me though when thinking back, was that, races with low grip I seldom enjoyed as much as races where the grip was good. 

Races where people where cheating to get better grip and getting away with it might have been the worst.

So making something to try to improve the grip level I think would be something which can improve and help our belowed racing. 

When I drove back the most, I normally had 1 hour between runs. It was almost stressy as back then with the NiCd and NimH we had charging times of almost 50 min and it was extremely important to have the cells ready charged and peeked just before running to get your transponder mounting it in the body and then up on the rostroom for the next run. If you where lucky you also managed to put the additive on correctly, change setup and of course having to marshall. Today this is all much much easier, however sometime we have to much time and races becomes boring for many.

Rules. I dont like to many rules. With more rules there are just more tings to bend or go around. However the Rules that are in place needs to be follow. So making it easy and understandable again, as good as possible that is.

Back then, I normally came to the track and the heat listings where already done. The better and faster on a consistent basis you where the better heat you would start in. In some seldom cases some driver either very fast or very slow compared to the other drivers in that heat might have been moved. So there where no stress to have a perfect car from the first battery on as otherwise you would not be fast enough in the reseeding like it is today most of the time. Bascially the race today starts almost immediately as reseeding and then directly round by round qualifiers count. We had the fastest counted, which normally was the last or second last qualifier. So if your car was not dieled perfectly you had practice, controlled practice and also qualfying rounds to make sure that you would have the best car you could. Fair or not, it was the same for everyone however some times there where races where some youngster could get a perfect qualifying and get into the A main. Today due to the way it is, we more or less always have the same or simliar people. Its maybe the most fair result, but its also slightly boring as well very seldome new faces shows up. I mean most of my rivals back then are still doing A mains on a regular basis.

I think that we have come a long way but something has not always improved. I dont have the asnwers I am just thinking out loud.
So what does this all come to then. Well I have been thinking strongly for a long time now to make my own race series. This way I can make the rules and decide what should be done or not. It is not an easy task at all as most race organizators knows but I will give it a go. 

My target is to make sure that people have more fun racing. I am not sure if I will suceed. 

I will start with a Pilot race. No sense to plan a whole series if no poeple shows up or has fun at the event. If the Pilot race is a succes I will continue making more plans with other clubs to try to make more races. 

I am currently writing the rules and checking where to host it. As soon as this is finalized I will get back to you with invitation rules and some additionals to make it as good as I can.
Cheers and have a nice day and racing weekend!

You have no idea how frustrating it is to have so many ideas and things to test to improve track performance but its alwyas money missing.

I really dont like money…it is just an hinderness to creation, at least at this time.

Nevertheless, I am working hard on getting a solution on how to get firstly parts and then eventually my car on a track someday.

Put in so much work and thought thru solutions….

Well, one day people, one day

So finally its 31:st of December. Not one day to late, people say, for me its to fucking late.

It was a shit year as you may well know. I lost most of what I had and am back to squar 1, however with alot of experiences richer. And its those experiences who defines who we and who we become.
When reflecting back in time on the bad things that has happened, I most of the times also realize that these are the times that defines me the most and where I learn the most of. Success without hard work, you learn very litte. Success after hard work teaches you more. Hard work and getting screwed you learn many new things.

So instead of being bitter, which is difficult, I see the good instead.

The things that however happen, ONLY because of plans getting unexpetedly changed are sometime overwhelming.

I needed to move to my younger brothers place and I have lived here since September. NOT according to plan.
The good part of this though, is that my relationship with my brother has grown to a level which I did not think we would ever achive. And getting that, is truly priceless indeed. For this, I am extremely grateful.

But it has not only been a bad year, many other things has been great.

TITC was a great.
Being vegetarian has worked great for me.
I have worked out very good this year mainly with Freeletics
The best of course is of course that my long time “Padowan” Alexander Hagberg not only won his first European Championships, but winning the World Championships.
My visit in Sweden at my half-sisters wedding was a different level of a highlight. A perfect day, in all ways.

2015 – I have arranged with a job for 6 Months starting 1:st of January. This is great news for me of course as I get some security again. This is outside RC, so I actually make some money also.
At the same time, I have been in contact with some RC companies regarding a future together and I have 2 very interesting possibilities so I will work hard to try to make sure that I get one of these positions. So 2015 is actually looking slightly positive and what better way to end a year then this.
So to you all, looking forward to meet you all in 2015 again. Take care folks 😉

Oh, yes AME Open in Althengstett is up in 3 days only, so see you soon 😀

I have said or written it before, but its still funny for me to see.

Last time when we all where in Hvrotovice, I showed up with an Alu chassies and there was a buzz thru the pits. First qualifier first lap, I set the fastest laptime until then, thru all practice rounds.

Some thought it was awesome some thought it was shit.

Now 1 year later….

Ronald V
Marc R
Alexander H

Top 3 in Mod, all use Alu chassies….

Maybe I am just ahead of my time

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