I thought about if I was going to write something about this or not.

Posting your opinion in the internet today seems to be risky business and is from a company point of view very seldom a smart idea. However to just sit queit and not say anyhting being scared of the reaction and the risk that other people might not like what you write, I dont like that either. However looking into the past it seems like we should use the freedom of speech which we nowadays enjoy and our ansisters would have and many have died for.

I do believe however that if you do critisice people, races, brands one also needs to have an open mind also for the positiv things otherwise it becomes very biased and irrelevent at the end.

I have some times critiziced ETS. Luxemburg race last year when the additive and tyre warmer impund was introduces, I thought it was a bad idea, not thought thru and made for the wrong reasons. I said so at the race but I was only complaining, then I posted it on Facebook and half hell break loose. However as I knew it would not work and it was only done 1 qualifying round and not seen after that at the ETS again, so far.

This post however, is going to praise the ETS – EOS – ENS organization and people behind it.

What Uwe, RedRC, Scotty, Hartmut and the other people behind these race series has created is in RC history unheard of. It is also a sore proof of the poor job and defeat of EFRA, that if you do not think that racing is what it can be and noone will listen to you, then you can do it yourself and with hard work, knowledge, dedication and trying to do the best possible, you can achieve something great.

8 years ago when ETS was launched not much attention was made.  Of course a race or race series victory is only as important as the drivers thinks it is. Offroad worlds in South Africa some years ago is a nother soor proof of that.

The organization made a smart move though, making sure that the TRF team of Marc, Viktor and Jilles attended. Of course they won everything in the beginning and eventually other drivers thought that it could be a great practice race for other “more” important races. So after some year the A-main at ETS was as packed with starts as a Euros or even a Worlds. 

With the best race coverage provided by RedRC, best race commentator and the best drivers well its the succes which we can all enjoy today.

Nowadays we have EOS as well as ENS and even if they are not the size or importance of the ETS yet, they definetly are getting there.

It is very easy to bash on the organizers of these events when something is not as perfect as one would like and sometimes its very important to do as this is one way to improve and keep the level of races up. However many dont see the work that goes on behind the scenes and the effort which is put down to keep improving.

EOS Final I think is a great example.

Last year it was not perfekt. The carpet which was used was not very good. It broke to easy, the grip level was to low so you needed to use new sets of tires as much as possible as they where just alot faster making it to expensive for many/most drivers. So of course many complained and rightly so. 

So most organizators would say, well its your decision if you want to join the race or not so shut up…However what they did, was to listed and take action and also take the COST to improve. I again went to the EOS Final at the Hudy arena this year. New carpet. Thicker so it did not break. Better grip (well now some complained that it was to high grip..so what ever they do…) Honestly the track was second to noone. The best off road carpet track I have ever seen. Yes I am an On-road guy mainly but seen enough carpet off road tracks to think that I am fairly correct.

I know what the carpet costed. It was not cheap. Then people say..weeeelll they make so much money on the racing series anyway so its nothing for them. Well, I am of the opinion that they should make money and hopefully good money otherwise why should they put in sooo much effort otherwise. 

They are thinking and plannig on having the same carpet used at all EOS races next year, which also puts them into a logistical problem and warehouse problem. Stocking and shipping 3.5toons of carpet, is not a cheap task.
So when you critize next time, please do so. I still will when I feel that there is a need for it. However please try to see both sides of the coin and also give positive feedback official and inofficial when due. They work very hard trying there best. Keep it up guys! 

Many years ago, there where some race drivers who asked me at a race where I help them with setup and racing line, if I would not mind coming to his hometrack once and helping him a complete day. He would pay my trip and food and also something for the effort. He told me that he had probably learned more about racing line and setup during our short encounter at that race then the complete last year. I was very humbled about what he said and said yes I would like to try this out. I like helping people and alwyas tried my best to do that.

I went to his hometrack some week later and did my best to help him the best way possible. He told me that he feel asleep faster then normal when he got back home as he was mentally finished from the hard concetration thru out the day. I think I pushed him a little to much. But he was happy and we went on doing this some more time before I moved down to Germany.

Why do I tell you this, well for 2 reasons. 

I have been thinking for a long time on how to improve RC and make sure that as many as possible has a good time. I always try to help anyone who want help at RC races I attend. If its with ORCA speedo setting, tire treatment, setups etc. However it is always under a very short time limit.

With my team drivers I of course have the possibility to do more. With the team I currently have I try to help and inspire them to have fun and get better at what they are doing.

Two very good expample are my two best drivers which I helped and choached thru most or big part of there carrers.

Viktor Wilck / multi time A main finalist at every major race, was with me and my brother from very early on as he lived just 5 min from my house. We went to races, practices and drove the same cars and electronics for many many years. Bascially until 2006 when I left Sweden during the Summer, just after Viktor made his first Worlds A Main in Italy.

Alexander Hagberg is the second one, which most of you could have guessed. Also Alex has been in every Major A Main there is, and additionally until now won 2 European Championships and 1 World Championship. 

I am still very good friends with both, however with Alexander, I still stand in contact on a weekly and almost daily basis. I get updates from races and practice sessions so that we can make decisions on how to move forward with setup, tire strategy and other things that might pop up. Of course nowadays I do very very little, but sometimes at races I can see that he is driving slightly the wrong line or there might be minor things to improve. Today minor things. Some years ago bigger things.

Even Formula 1 drivers (the 1:1 scale ones), who went thru intensive training schools and been racing for there entire life (except Maldonado probalby) still have people helping them with there driving. So why should RC drivers not have it.

I believe that more people will enjoy, have more fun, doing the hobby we love if they know more of what they are actually doing. Instead of guessing. On top of that, it is always easier to move forward and improve when you have a better basis of knowlegde behind you.
I am not saying I am the best at this. But I do know that I know alot about RC and I truly belive that I can bring some of this knowledge I have collected during my 30 years of RC to young and old RC drivers out there.

I have done this once in Germany on a low scale already at my now adays carpet hometrack of C/Hub racing. We all had a lot of fun and especially during the “perfect line” practice drivers more understood what to do, even if not so many mastered it directly.

I will start only with RC Clubs, offering a complete day package of practice, setups driving line and also extremely important as well with mental practice. I think that doing it at RC Clubs is the best way as it will bring more people forward at the same time and on a track they are familiar with.

More information will be on my new homepage when it is ready. Until then you can also contact me under teamame@outlook.de or on my Facebook. 

As always, take care and have fun racing!

Now I am going to sound like a grampa. Everything was better back in the days….Well we all know thats not true, however many things where not bad back in the days.

New technoligies and further development brings us all forward however sometimes I think we forget the essence of RC racing. Which is having fun.

I am probably one of the biggest supporters of ETS. I am fairly convinced that ETS saved Touring car racing. However the back side of a race series like this is that to many get to serious. For some its the way it should be, for others its to much. I think this is one of the reasons why F1 has grown so fast as its not as serious as the Touring Mod and also the Touring Stock class. What I also have noticed is that many other racing series takes the ETS rules almost 1:1, because its a good way for drivers to practice for ETS. However again this puts many in a to serious position and also does not enjoy the race they are actually doing as its “only” practice.

Dont get me wrong, I do support ETS and will contiue to do so, going to races as often as I personally can and always bring as many of my team drivers to these events as well. 

I have been thinking for a longer time though, what can be done to improve racing and ultimately get more people to get involded with what we all love and also make sure that the ones we have doesnt leave.

It is of course an impossible task, but one can at least try their best. Nothing is perfect but if the will is there there is always a way to bring things forward.

When I go back into my racing career and try remeber some of the races I really enjoyed I have the reaces with great results of course but also races where the result was not so good but the track, organization and atmosphere was good as well. I have been racing many RC classes and for a long time. 

Something which hit me though when thinking back, was that, races with low grip I seldom enjoyed as much as races where the grip was good. 

Races where people where cheating to get better grip and getting away with it might have been the worst.

So making something to try to improve the grip level I think would be something which can improve and help our belowed racing. 

When I drove back the most, I normally had 1 hour between runs. It was almost stressy as back then with the NiCd and NimH we had charging times of almost 50 min and it was extremely important to have the cells ready charged and peeked just before running to get your transponder mounting it in the body and then up on the rostroom for the next run. If you where lucky you also managed to put the additive on correctly, change setup and of course having to marshall. Today this is all much much easier, however sometime we have to much time and races becomes boring for many.

Rules. I dont like to many rules. With more rules there are just more tings to bend or go around. However the Rules that are in place needs to be follow. So making it easy and understandable again, as good as possible that is.

Back then, I normally came to the track and the heat listings where already done. The better and faster on a consistent basis you where the better heat you would start in. In some seldom cases some driver either very fast or very slow compared to the other drivers in that heat might have been moved. So there where no stress to have a perfect car from the first battery on as otherwise you would not be fast enough in the reseeding like it is today most of the time. Bascially the race today starts almost immediately as reseeding and then directly round by round qualifiers count. We had the fastest counted, which normally was the last or second last qualifier. So if your car was not dieled perfectly you had practice, controlled practice and also qualfying rounds to make sure that you would have the best car you could. Fair or not, it was the same for everyone however some times there where races where some youngster could get a perfect qualifying and get into the A main. Today due to the way it is, we more or less always have the same or simliar people. Its maybe the most fair result, but its also slightly boring as well very seldome new faces shows up. I mean most of my rivals back then are still doing A mains on a regular basis.

I think that we have come a long way but something has not always improved. I dont have the asnwers I am just thinking out loud.
So what does this all come to then. Well I have been thinking strongly for a long time now to make my own race series. This way I can make the rules and decide what should be done or not. It is not an easy task at all as most race organizators knows but I will give it a go. 

My target is to make sure that people have more fun racing. I am not sure if I will suceed. 

I will start with a Pilot race. No sense to plan a whole series if no poeple shows up or has fun at the event. If the Pilot race is a succes I will continue making more plans with other clubs to try to make more races. 

I am currently writing the rules and checking where to host it. As soon as this is finalized I will get back to you with invitation rules and some additionals to make it as good as I can.
Cheers and have a nice day and racing weekend!

You have no idea how frustrating it is to have so many ideas and things to test to improve track performance but its alwyas money missing.

I really dont like money…it is just an hinderness to creation, at least at this time.

Nevertheless, I am working hard on getting a solution on how to get firstly parts and then eventually my car on a track someday.

Put in so much work and thought thru solutions….

Well, one day people, one day

So finally its 31:st of December. Not one day to late, people say, for me its to fucking late.

It was a shit year as you may well know. I lost most of what I had and am back to squar 1, however with alot of experiences richer. And its those experiences who defines who we and who we become.
When reflecting back in time on the bad things that has happened, I most of the times also realize that these are the times that defines me the most and where I learn the most of. Success without hard work, you learn very litte. Success after hard work teaches you more. Hard work and getting screwed you learn many new things.

So instead of being bitter, which is difficult, I see the good instead.

The things that however happen, ONLY because of plans getting unexpetedly changed are sometime overwhelming.

I needed to move to my younger brothers place and I have lived here since September. NOT according to plan.
The good part of this though, is that my relationship with my brother has grown to a level which I did not think we would ever achive. And getting that, is truly priceless indeed. For this, I am extremely grateful.

But it has not only been a bad year, many other things has been great.

TITC was a great.
Being vegetarian has worked great for me.
I have worked out very good this year mainly with Freeletics
The best of course is of course that my long time “Padowan” Alexander Hagberg not only won his first European Championships, but winning the World Championships.
My visit in Sweden at my half-sisters wedding was a different level of a highlight. A perfect day, in all ways.

2015 – I have arranged with a job for 6 Months starting 1:st of January. This is great news for me of course as I get some security again. This is outside RC, so I actually make some money also.
At the same time, I have been in contact with some RC companies regarding a future together and I have 2 very interesting possibilities so I will work hard to try to make sure that I get one of these positions. So 2015 is actually looking slightly positive and what better way to end a year then this.
So to you all, looking forward to meet you all in 2015 again. Take care folks 😉

Oh, yes AME Open in Althengstett is up in 3 days only, so see you soon 😀

I have said or written it before, but its still funny for me to see.

Last time when we all where in Hvrotovice, I showed up with an Alu chassies and there was a buzz thru the pits. First qualifier first lap, I set the fastest laptime until then, thru all practice rounds.

Some thought it was awesome some thought it was shit.

Now 1 year later….

Ronald V
Marc R
Alexander H

Top 3 in Mod, all use Alu chassies….

Maybe I am just ahead of my time

One year ago, I took a decision which would change my life.

At least a little bit.

I decided to completely stop drinking alcohol and eating meat.
For 1 year.
I wanted to have enough time so that I really could change or at least get out of the pre programmed eating and drinking behavior and hopefully being able to make my own decision on what I do.

So, why did I do this.
Did I drink to much alcohol?
Did I eat to much meat?

No, not at all.

However what I did think about was why I eat what I eat and drink what I drink and when.

I figured out that many of the decisions I made on eating and drinking habits, where actually not a choice but almost pre programmed.

Well think about it.
Why, really why, did you eat what you did today. Because you really wanted it or because you think you wanted it.
Same with drinks. why do you drink what you drink.

These things where going thru my head for a long while, so at one day I decided that I wanted to figure out what would happen and how would I feel and what would I eat and drink, when not just doing what I always do.

So I decided to

What happened what did I learn from this year.


If you stop eating meat, you will be called Vegetarian.
I did not take this word to my self but it was given to me from others. Once you say that you dont eat meat, you are put in a box with many other people who do not eat meat. Then you also fast get the question if you are vegan or “only” Vegetarian. Then people ask me if I eat fish I again answer that I dont eat meat from animals…It takes a while but after that people are used to it and its not to many questions. Other then why… Why dont you eat meat. So many times I have to defend myself or explain my self but not so many actually listens to what I say instead they think of a life without meat and see it as impossible.

For me, the first 2 months was the strangest.
I needed to change shopping patterns as I was buying different things at the supermarket.
Secondly I was dreaming of eating meat.
And I had a meat “hunger” similar to the lion in Madagascar if you seen that one.
However that disappeared after a while and ever since that disappeared, I have honestly had no meat cravings at all.

I have now not eaten any meat for over 1 year. Its still sometime a bit of a hassle when going eating with other people at restaurants as you might not always get the best dish on the menu but I can live with that. Instead I have been forced to test many new and other things which I never would have even considered to test before and that has definitely been a great addition to my life.

My one year experiment is over. So I am now free to choose again, so to say, but so far I have not considered meat. Not sure if I will always eat as “Vegetarian” or not, but at the moment I really dont see the benefit.


Stopping with alcohol, was more difficult to be honest. Not from the need to drink and get drunk, but more that other people almost got offended if I would not ha a shot with them or share a drink. Same here, I had to explain my self, why I do not want to drink alcohol. Many people applauded me and said that hmm ok, sounds smart, not bad, but Puhh… I would never manage to do that…
Also, its not very male to NOT order something non alcoholic when everyone else at the table in a bar orders it. However after a while, people get used to that you dont drink anymore.

Side effects of not drinking Alkohol are
– you dont get hungover
– you are always fit and ready the day after to actually do stuff
– you spend alot less money
– you can drive home
– you dont make a fool out of your self
– you dont make any bad judgment calls and go to sleep with a 10 and wake up with a 2…

You learn to have fun also without Alkohol.
You learn to “let go” even if you are sober which many can not do.

You also start to think about all the alcohol commercials and all TV movies and series where people drink alcohol. Beer, whiskey, scotch, bourbon and wine.

I also see so many who just take a small one when they get home from work because they need one to be able to relax…. this one is kind of scary I think.
If people need drugs to be able to relax or shut off slightly, then they should really learn to do this, without having some kind of alcohol to help them. However if you tell this to people they get fairly aggressive and I should mind my own business, so I do that.

Did I miss alcohol.
Yes, slightly I did. Mainly some good wine for a good dinner though.

Will I drink alcohol again? Yes I will. But alot less and especially a lot less often and not like every one else, take the first best excuse to have a drink of any sort. It should be done on some special occasions or events and then it can be something good. But honestly people…so many lives have been ruined by alcohol, think two times before drinking and if its really needed or if you can also skip the alcohol that time.

Oh, a nother benifit so far is that I have not been sick in any kind of way for over 1 year now. I dont mean, so sick that I can not go to work sick, but also the ones that you can get with air condition, or from kids or any kind. I had headache 2 times, thats it. I am normally not so ofter sick, but at least some day during the year. However the last year, not 1 single time. Has never happened before.

Have a nice day folks

No not me. Obviously not. But as close as I can get these days and the feeling is crazy.

I first meet Alexander 2003 at a race in Sweden.
I just came back from Austria where I finished 3rd at the European Championships.

On a Saturday from a 2 day event Bosse Hagberg came by my pit spot and asked if his son could get my signature. I thought sure, no problem, but I would like to give it to him and not to his dad then. So Bosse got hold of Alex, a young very shy little boy, he said thanks and then he dissapered.
Bosse asked if I could maybe help him with his car as he was not so sure if the setup was good or not. So I went over and did what I could but also said that its easier for me to help him if he had the same car as me but anyway did what I could.

Bosse was clever so he got his son a Xray car for the next event and since then Alex has been using Xray.

During the years to come, I always tried my best to help Alex when help was needed. Bosse was clever, he knew I loved Coke, so he always bought 24 pack of cans before a race and I could always come over to there pits space and take what I wanted. I would have helped Alex anyway, but I definitely came by more often this way.

At one time, my dad thought that Alex paint scheme looked like shit… which it did, and he was a friend of the family, so he painted a 3rd body with the same paint scheme like myself and my brother, but in green color and he has that, slightly modified of course during the years…but still basically the same as back then.

During the years I stayed in Sweden, and also the years I have been in Germany we have always stayed in contact and I always helped or gave advice or guidance when needed. Alex got better and better and less and less help was needed of course.

Today I do consider Alex as one of my best friends, I have known him for over 10 years and we stay in constant contact.

When I started up ORCA in Europe, Alex trusted in me enough to without testing any speedo or motor, to change and make a contract with ORCA, just based on him trusting me and the results speak for themselves.

Alexander has been, for a while now, the hardest working RC Touring car driver on the planet in my opinion. He races all over the world almost every weekend somewhere and never gives up working and testing and staying professional.

He does not have the payed mechanics other team drivers have. He works and works and never gives up.

I remember some years ago, we had a discussion on why he still did not get any big title and the only thing i could tell him was that, he was not good enough yet. To get to where he where at that time, is crazy difficult, but to make the next needed step, to really be able on a constant base, be challenging for titles, he has some minor steps more to take.
This might take 1 year, 4 years, or he might never take those steps. The very last steps, very few have the dedication or talent, to ever ever make them.

Alex took my advice the correct way. What ever it takes, how ever long time it will take, he will take of his gloves and to the dirty work and at least do the maximum of what he can do, to get to the ultimate goal. At least he would know, that he did everything he could to get to where he wanted to be.

And trust me, it has been a long and step and hard road to today. But, damn… he never gave up and now, he can and no one can ever take away it from him, he is The Champion of the World. This little shy kid, that 11 years ago came by and asked me to sign his body shell.

Alex deserves this so much and I am really happy and proud to have been able to be a small small part of helping him achieve his dream.

Alex you are so worth it and thank you for letting me be a part if ever so little of your journey to what you have now become.

Mr. Frickkin World Champion!!!!

So, the last part was kind of sad in many ways, but how does all go forward and what to do.

Well, when I got home/back to Germany I had alot to take care about.

Actually first, I went to Sweden after only some days to be at my sisters wedding and my grandmothers birthday. Actually the timing could not have been better.
Again, a perfect wedding, 2 extremely happy people getting married and they really belong to each other.
It was nice to see some positives after the negative things just experienced.

And it did bring back alot of hope and joy to me and helped me to decide many things, or at least make up my mind of in what direction I now should choose for my life.

As you well can imagine, being back home and knowing that you are not moving and leaving everything behind, again (I did leave Sweden for Germany) is a very strange feeling.
At one time sadness and dissapointment but in other ways also happiness as I do enjoy living where I live and made many many friends along the 8 years I have lived in Germany,

My first instict when I got back, when thinking about RC, was to stop it completely and never come back. I was fairly feed up of course.
Then the question came, ok, so what to do now?
Well, fairly easy, I need a job.
Still got bills to pay and no money coming in thru the RC business of AME any more, at least not the next couple of months.

Luckily, I have a great network of friends, who where willing to help me help myself and for this I am very grateful of course.

I started fairly directly to get some assignments from the company where my brother works. They from time to time have to much to do and need a helping hand, so they asked me to help out.

I also have a friend who this January took over a bowling alley and he offered me to work weekends at his place, taking care of drink, food orders and other bowling alley stuff. So I work there 2/3 weekends per month.
I also have a nother good friend, who last year opened a bike shop. He also generously enough offered me to work at his place from time to time taking care about stuff.

On top of this, I also had to leave my apartment which I had of course, as it was already rented out to a new attendant.
So again, luckily I also do have a brother living in Germany and not far away from where I used to live, so he has allowed me to live in his place and sleep on his sofa.

So this is currently my situation.
However, I am actually happy.
1. I am happy that the idiot from Asia kicked me before moving there as it turns out that he is an arrogant, ignorant idiot and I would have had even more issues being there, then I imagined. Due to the power he has in a fairly corrupt country, people seems to be scared to mess with him which comes strange to me, coming from Sweden and Germany, to be scared of what you say to some people because of the power they have thru money and contacts.
2. I am happy to have so many many friends offering there help and support in a way I could not have imagined ever before and I would not have become aware of this unless this situation would have happened.
3. Also the response from all the friends and people I meet in Germany and especially in the town I live in has been fantastic.

So there are many things to be appreciative about and one many times forget these things in our normal working days.

But so, how about AME.

Well, it is a difficult situation, but I am figuring out slowly how to continue the correct way with it.
I have increased my cooperation with RC Kleinkram alot during the weeks I have been back in Germany and this is what I think, the absolutely best solution possible and one I am very happy about.
Stefan Klein, the owner, has a good sense of business and moral as well.
Our cooperation will increase even further in the future.

At the moment, he is now in charge of Worldwide distribution of all AME products. T Shox, MBT Additives, Z.Z6 servo and future products as well.
If you are a shop and what any products, please contact him or my self and we will take care the best possible way.
I am still owner and will stay that way of AME and in charge of development and marketing, but the business side will all run thru RC Kleinkram.
Eventually, I hope and think, I will find a new normal job and at this time I will do this correctly of course, and being able to find an apartment again but I will continue with AME on the side.

A good example is that AME Z.Z6D2 will soon come, a direct mount of my servo which will fit the T4 15 version. This is still tested and designed by myself like the other one before, but will now be available thru RC Kleinkram for endcustomers in Germany and Austria but as well as for shops and distributors for the rest of Europe and the World.

The next project which is turning into sales ready products i T Shox Version 2. You most likely have seen the video of them running in my long life testing machine and now the on track testing is finished, so production will start within 2/3 weeks from now. These products as well, will be sold thru RC Kleinkram of course same was as the servos.
I am extremely happy, satisfied and proud of these shocks. Anyway more info will come about them when they are arriving and first check production quality and so forth.

Project Iris. The heart and base of this long stories.

Well, one thing is for sure. She will see the light of day, some day.
At the moment, I have to many other things to do, like working, and getting a fixed job, to really be able to make anything regarding this, but some plans are being worked out.
The biggest obstical is of course getting enough money to do anything.
I have been thinking of some sort of crowd-founding or similar to get enough money into the project.
The most expensive parts are the molds for the plastic parts. CNC parts and similar are not so expensive, when it comes to small qty, but for bigger ones, they are also.

I have been thinking of thru crowd founding contacting 3D printing companies and seeing what possibilities they might see in manufacturing a complete car and accessories in 3D print as a marketing project for them to show what 3D printing are able to do nowadays which really is alot.

I am also in contact with some schools within CAD and CNC machining to see what interest they might have in having a project like this, and use it for there education.
Anyway, this is still future things, but I am looking into different solutions and ways to see on how I can somehow, do and create something of my own.

So thats the story up until now, sitting at McD for free wifi waiting to start my workday today and doing that job the very best of my ability.

I will be updating you from time to time on my steps and whats happening.
Again people, thanks alot for your support in all ways. Much appreciated.

So part 2.
This is a fairly difficult one to tell and to do it objectively and without getting to upset or one sided but I will try my best.

One of my biggest dreams has always been to develop my own racing car. I have always been very interested into the cars we race and what they are the way they are and what can be done to improve them.

My first try at doing something on my own was when I drove for HPI.
At this time the Pro4 was in development and I just came from Associated TC3. At that time maybe the fastest car but still the big titles eluded it. Mainly because the fabulous Barry Baker made a fabulous mistake at the 2002 worlds in South Africa basically giving the title ( though of course well deserved) to my good friend and super sympathetic Surikarn. Today owner of Huge Rc track in Bangkok Thailand.

Even if the TC3 was fast it was also sometime unpredictable based on, in my mind, the shaft and the motor mount direction.
So when switching to HPI and at that time using the Pro3 I was surprised on the decision ongoing to shaft.

So I instead made a car of my own with the help of HPI Europe.
I used it at the Nordic Championships in Denmark at the Glostrup race and dominated it completely. TQ and 3 A-main legs and my average lap time in the quali was faste then the fastest of anyone else.
This was great for me as I basically prove myself that I do know a lot about Rc cars and what it takes to make a fast one.

After spending 1 year in Japan and running HPI I was not allowed to use the car though, which was sad but understandable from a business point of view. I followed the instructions and drove the Pro3 still during that year. I did however also realize that HPI where not interested into having me helping them designing so instead I signed for a new company with big ambitions instead. With someone wanting and interested into having input.
I went to Xray.

With Xray I had my biggest success in touring and also was a big part in helping to develop three cars at the time( even if I for reasons never got any official recognition for this though which sucks, but well that’s life. )
I also brought some great drivers to xray like Viktor Wilck, Joel my brother and Alexander Hagberg. All of them turning into world class drivers.

I later on started working at LRP in Germany and eventually stopped racing however during this time I again was thinking of making a car of my own. Or at least an update kit.
At this time I again drive fro HPI/HB as LRP was distributing them and work duties comes first. I had so many ideas on how to improve the car that I sat down wit good friend of mine Marcel Gieger who is a great car designer as well and great at Catia. We spent some time and drew new chassis, bulkheads and top deck for the HPI . This car never saw the light with me driving it, as I stopped RC for 2 years and started mountain biking instead 😀 however a friend of mine got the drawings from. Me and manufactured the parts and the car was very very good.
Funnily enough 3 years after my drawings where made the TCX came out and looked extremely similar to my car.

Well well.

So why did I write this long thing about me and making cars? Well it’s the star of what would again change my life completely.

At New Year’s Eve 2013-2014 I asked myself. What is it that I always wanted to do but never did. Well completely designing my own car is definitely on my bucket list.
During 2013 I already tested and made the first aluminum chassies for “normal” touring cars. I used it at the ETS in Hvrotovice and kind of started a small re locution in touring. I mean. Which manufacturer did not come up with a Alu chassies for there cars 2014???

I still felt that there are so many ideas and possible improvements in my head that I need to get them done. However since there are to many instead of only doing option parts for cars I would need to make a complete new one.

So I started 2014 with this in mind..and was really happy.
I had so many ideas. Finally I would get them made somehow.

Of course this takes time, so I decided to only work on this Project, Project Iris on some evenings after my workday with AME would be finished.
And I also needed to find a way to get money for it.

In February I went to TITC in Thailand.
I was there the year before and won with Nichols Lee using my T-Shox and I felt that I needed to go there and try to defend “my” title.

At the TITC if you win the Open Stock you are no longer allowed to race it so Nicholas had to race Mod so I had no driver.
So I decided to race myself. I had been practicing some with my team drivers and felt that with some track time maybe I can prove something.

Another reason of being there is also to help and support Alexander.

The track turned out to be challenging but after I while I found a great setup and I made my infamous qualifying in round 3.
I have mentioned it before but this was on of my top5-10 runs in my life.
It was perfect. In my mind. People where screaming almost and all pros and manufacturers came to congratulate me. Felt like bak in the old days.

One of the highlights was in the evening when’s slightly slightly drunk 3 time world champion and Modified TQ driver Naoto came and asked me how the fuck I could drive 14.4 on that track with a 13.5T motor. He could not believe it. And things like that makes one very humble (especially since he won the Worlds Title in touring yesterday aswell).

Eventually I got Alexander to change his setup completely and just do my setup and in the last qualifyers in Mod he was on a TQ run.

Again this showed me that I still do have what it takes, at least when it comes to testing and developing racing touring cars.
Umino from Yokomo, Suzuki from Tamiya, Hara from HPI had all been at the track 1 week longer then me and more drivers and more possibilities, but still I managed to find setups and ideas and bring it to Alex car and almost getting the upper hand of the big spending teams.

So. My mind was finally made. I have what it takes. Now I only need to find the possibility to make the car, get some drivers and do it correctly.

I talked to almost everyone at TITC about any possibilities to make cars for anyone.
And through some friends I got in contact with the dream maker.

Long story short.

I got in contact with someone having the money and the will to do it.

However he wanted to do it for real. Not only for fun.
His idea was to start a new company manufacturing RC cars.
1/8 Onroad/Nitro would be based in Japan
1/10 electric would be based in Singapore.
After long email discussion and some trips to Singapore and to Jakarta to meet and discuss we decided that I would be the person in charge.
We would start a new company in Singapore me I would be the CEO of this company.
I would have full control over the car design, manufacturing and enough money for prototypes testing etc.

I spent a lot a lot of time on this project.
Part of the time I spent designing Iris.

I have thought about every single part of this car.
Way is it the way it is on almost all cars. Is this the optimal or are there possible improvements? If so which ones and what and how can I improve it.
I measured all cars I have checked everything on all best cars. I really really have done my homework.
I have enough innovations on this car for other manufacturers to copy for a decade. But still basic enough so that as many as possible easily can set the car up.
I am a big fan of awesomatix. However when it excels in awesome ideas it also is the most difficult car for people to build.
I believe in simplicity where possible.
It does not help anyone having the best car if no one can build it correctly.

Anyway, I spent many many hours of working on Iris.
On top of this I also spent even more time on planning on the new company, what would happen with AME in Germany and how to make everything work out the very best way.
In the mean time my Asian supporter where in the loop of things. I asked and we discussed many issues and from every single thing we always found a solution.
To be honest my dream was becoming true. From February 2014 until August 2014 I worked 7 days week. Minimum 15 hours per day.
I did all I could to make sure that this would become reality and to push myself as far as I could to make sure that my dream would become reality.

I went to Singapore again to look for apartments. I searched and found our new office and made plans for interiors and office layout.
I went to hong kong and to Taiwan to meet with possible suppliers for manufacturing and prototypes.
During this time there where no single indication on that this would not work out.

So back in Germany I made all plans with my bank, my accountings to see what needed to be done to close AME in Germany in the best way and to move to Singapore.
I arranged things with the brands I had in my portfolio. Making sure that they would be as good as possibly representated in Germay, Austria and Switzerland. The countries who where exclusive for AME.
After dong this I also sold off all remaining stock to RC KleinKram as well as giving them the exclusive rights of AME distribution for Europe for longer time and for the world initially. An arrangement that I still am very happy about though.

The plan was that I would move to Singapore in September. About the 12:th

I cancelled my apartment in Germany as needed to do and started to make arrangements for moving all furnitures and also getting my office and warehouse closed correctly. During all this time I also of course tried to make sure that I still supported my customers with products, service and support as they have become used to.
It was not an easy task to take care of one self but I got almost all things taken care of.
I already started working on getting team drivers for a car and company which did not yet exist.
I had of course xxx and another world top drivers who’s name I can’t reveal as well as a range of other level of team drivers for development marketing and racing.
The only things suffering during this time was of course the cash flow at AME. Since I did not have time to push as much as I normally did, sales dropped off. I did not worry to much about this as the deal I had for moving to Singapore would take care for me.

3 weeks before moving I again went to Jakarta for a race.
I was officially there to help and support drivers at the race as well as having a RC training event in the evening. Something I do enjoy and think is important for the growth of our hobby.

During this time I should also sign some papers with lawyers and bank accounts should been taken care of as I after Jakarta went one day to Singapore to finalize the last things before moving. I even brought the first batch of clothes to leave there as shipping or paying extra luggage always costs a lot.
During the whole even in Jakarta all was good, I had a great time and I think the drivers at the event had as well.

Still at this point all was good.
Monday morning I flew to Singapore with xxx and xxx from Thailand who also joined us.

We went there had a nice breakfast and then went to our new office to start to look at all and finish the office layout so that xxx could let the interior decorator know all the details.

I send a what’s app message to the company owner. Wen wanted to finalize some minor things on Sunday evening as such as where I should meet with the lawyer and where, unfortunately he fell asleep before we could do that. So I asked him on what’s app what, where and when.
I was sitting in the office of my future dream and the answer I got I was not expecting.

He answered that the meeting had been canceled and that also the deal has been cancelled.
He would not hire me and the promised that he told me in my face he would not live up to.
I was kind of in shock.

So I asked him what about my company, my apartment, my life? All that I already had given up for this new future?
Well his answer was, that it was not his problem anymore.
He said that he never really liked me from the start when we meet as a businessman and I was not dedicated enough for him and his plans.

I was not expecting this. Not from a man at his position.
The man did not even have the guts to tell it to me in my face. He just went to bed instead…..
So there I sat in the before office of my dreams and now it was the office of my decline.
I honesty don’t remember much more of that day except later being at the airport and having a great tasting Thai green curry.
Also at the plan flying home a small urge of having my first sip of alcohol since November 2013 but I watch a movie and had a great tasting pineapple juice instead.

So I was on my way home back to Germany.
To a company with no money left.
To an apartment which in 3 weeks was no longer mine.
To a company, that even with money, had no portfolio of products left to make any turnover with.
And a man with a a broken dream.
But not a broken man. Even if this would have been a good opportunity to become one.

So, for the next part part 3 is,
What happens now with AME, with me, with….life?
Stay tuned….

And by the way, for all of you haters out there talking bullshit at races telling people that my Singapore “thing” was just a way to cover up and give me a reason to save my face and getting a reason to close AME without looking like a looser…please get your facts straight before talking BS. Seriously what’s wrong with some people…..

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